Sundays at 11am & 5.30pm

Big Questions

Years ago it was almost impossible not to believe in God. God was simply assumed at every level of society. Today the opposite is true. Doubt seems so natural and faith feels very difficult indeed. We have all sorts of questions and issues.

So, on Sunday evenings during March and April of 2019 we looked at seven of the issues that seem to make faith so difficult in the 21st century. There was a talk and then a chance to ask questions. The aim was not to start an argument, but to honestly and humbly engage with the issues that make so many people feel that faith is just impossible.

Below is the list of subjects we tackled. You can find the audio for the sessions here.

I can’t believe in a God who allows suffering
6.30pm 3 March 2019

Science has disproved Christianity
6.30pm 10 March 2019

There can’t be just one true religion
6.30pm 17 March 2019

You can’t take the Bible seriously
6.30pm 24 March 2019

I can’t believe in a God who sends people to Hell
6.30pm 31 March 2019

The church has done so much damage over the years
6.30pm 7 April 2019

Christianity destroys freedom
6.30pm 14 April 2019